How To Travel Frugally (And Still Have Fun!)

What’s your dream vacation like? Is it a one-week stay at a luxury resort? A three-day camp at a tropical rainforest? No matter where you’d like to travel, there’s one thing that may hold you back: money. 

Travelling is undeniably expensive.

If you’re rich and can afford the luxuries… make sure to send pictures! But, if you’re like most of us, travelling can have a significant impact on your wallet! So in this article, I’m going to show you how to make happy travel memories on a limited budget. 

Just because your budget it tight it doesn't mean that you can't travel and make unforgettable memories.   

Look For Great Deals On Flights

Before booking your next flight check the airline's social media for deals and discounts.

Airfare is going to be the most expensive part of your travel. With airlines charging you for everything nowadays, from meals to window seats, the list goes on - it’s hard to book a flight without it costing you an arm and leg. Is there a way to lower airfare costs and book the cheapest flights? Try these options:

How To lower airfare costs and book the cheapest flights

  • 1
    Identify the cheapest time and days to fly. This can vary depending on the season and date you want of your flight. Check out this article on the cheapest time of the year to fly.
  • 2
    Check the airline’s social media for deals and discounts.
  • 3
    If you’re flying frequently, stick to one airline and sign up for their loyalty program for discounts.

Go On Spontaneous Road Trips

Ditch your travel plans and go for a spur-of-the-moment road! You don’t have to pay for a tourist guide to show you the best places in town. Trust your gut and go to where the locals recommend the most. The happiest and most unforgettable moments often happen when we least expect it. Try these road trip planner apps if you’re thinking of going on road trips with your besties:

  • Roadtrippers - Find the best attractions & local diners as you travel from one road to another.
  • Waze - Decide the best route to take with waze. Avoid nearby collisions, traffic jams, and police radar.
  • Gasbuddy - Locate the most affordable gas stations near you.

Take a road trip adventure with your besties and wonder around the town instead of paying for tourist guide.

Travel During National Park Days

Travel during national park days and festivals! With free admission, lots of street food, and live performances, there’s absolutely no reason not to have fun. Here are some of the best national parks you may want to visit during festivities:

There are a lot of fun and inexpensive activities during national park days and festivals.

Spend Time with Locals

Make new friends and learn new culture by hanging out with locals. By the end of the day, the best souvenirs from your travel trip will be the memories from the people you meet.

Here are the best ways to meet locals while travelling:

  • 1
    Talk to baristas or waiters in local coffee shops.
  • 2
    Chat with market traders and stall owners in the public marketplace.
  • 3
    Go to festivals and carnivals.
  • 4
    Join a tour group.
  • 5
    Couchsurf or stay at an Airbnb hosted by a friendly local.

Put Your Phone Away

You’ve probably seen those people who always seem to be taking pictures and fiddling with their photos while they’re outside. You can take several pictures but don’t forget to focus on the scenery too. Don’t ignore the world around you! Live in the moment so that moment can last.

Take a moment and focus on the beauty of the world around you. 

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